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  • Biomechanics ASBMR
    The primary responsibility of the skeleton is to withstand loadbearing. Bone is strong, it is stiff, it is tough. Bone can withstand extremely high loads, and will remain strong even following several million cycles of load.
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  • Bone Cells ASBMR
    There are two categories of bone cells. Osteoclasts are in the first category. They resorb (dissolve) the bone. The other category is the osteoblast family, which consists of osteoblasts that form bone, osteocytes that help maintain bone, and lining ...
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  • Bone Growth and Remodeling ASBMR
    During childhood, the long bones (in the arms, legs, and back) grow at the ends of the bones, whereas the flat bones (such as the skull) have a different pattern of growth. Adult bone actually continues to expand, although very slowly. Bone also ...
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  • Bone Structure and the Function of the Skeleton ASBMR
    Bone, the material that makes vertebrates distinct from other animals, has evolved over several hundred million years to become a remarkable tissue. Bone is a material that has the same strength as cast iron, but achieves this while remaining as ...
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  • Collagen and Bone Matrix ASMBR
    Mature bone is composed of proteins and minerals. Approximately 60% the weight of the bone is mineral, mainly calcium and phosphate. The rest is water and matrix, which is formed before the mineral is deposited, and can be considered the scaffolding ...
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  • Hormones ASBMR
    Hormones are either small proteins (peptide hormones) or organic chemicals. The "classic" hormones are made in glands and travel to target organs via the bloodstream. Many other local hormones are made by one kind of cell, secreted into the ...
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  • Hypercalcuria ASBMR
    Flash Movie display explaining the pathophysiology of hypercalcuria, osteopenia and the effect of thiazides
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  • On the theory of fracture healing CORR Open Access
    This Classic article is a translation by M.O. Heller, W.R. Taylor, N. Aslanidis, and Georg N. Duda of the original work by Julius Wolff, Zur Lehre von der Fracturenheilung (supplemental materials are available with the online version of CORR). ...
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  • OrthoBullets Basic Science Section
    Topics in the OrthoBullets Basic Science Section are displayed in the left hand panel. The initial topic is Types of Bone
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  • The form and function of Tendon
    The purpose of this article is to present a general overview of tendon structure and function, starting with a discussion of biochemical and cellular tendon composition. For a full review of tendon biology, biochemistry, and biomechanics, a list of ...
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  • ASBMR Bone Curriculum
    Overview of bone structure, physiology, and function. Project of the Education Committee of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR).
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